Active Field Work

Long-Term Effects of ‘Girl-Friendly’ School Construction: Evaluation of the BRIGHT School Program in Burkina Faso. With Leigh Linden, Ali Protik and Matt Sloan (Spring-Summer 2015)

Funding received. Data collection has yet to begin.

Paying Community Teachers: Impact of the Payer and Transfer Mechanism in Chad (find out more on the project). With Marie-Helene Cloutier and Leigh Linden, 2014-2018

Impact Evaluation of the Early Childhood Development and Nutrition Component of Burkina Faso’s Safety Net Project. With Richard Akresh, Damien de Walque and Victoria Monchuk, 2014-2017

Closing the Child Labor and Forced Labor Evidence Gaps: Impact Evaluations in Ecuador, India, Malawi, Panama and Rwanda. With Jacob Benus and Maurice Kugler, 2015-2019

Knowledge Heterogeneity: Experimental Evidence on Information Barriers to Agricultural Technology Adoption in Uganda. With Mariapia Mendola and Frank Simtoe
, 2015-2018

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